Programme overview

Croatian Science Foundation announced the Installation Research Projects programme for the first time in 2007 under the name Installation Grants. The programme was developed to ensure the acceleration of establishment of independent research careers, where the most successfully evaluated scientists got the opportunity to establish research groups that deal with internationally competitive issues at Croatian universities and public research institutes.
The programme ensures the scientists to establish their own laboratory and/or a research group during a 3-year funding. At the same time, the institution must support the work of the emerging research group, and demonstrate its support to the young researcher's group even after the completion of the project funded by the Croatian Science Foundation ensuring the transfer of specialized knowledge and the successful development of professionals in the internationally competitive issues.

Research Projects Programme is developed to support research groups that are working on internationally/ nationally competitive issues, and whose leaders have been recognized for their scientific achievements and mentoring skills.
The basic aim of the Research Projects Programme is to create new and enhance existing knowledge. It is the main support instrument to international cooperation. The ultimate goal is to create a critical mass of research groups that will be competitive on the international level.